Ravenous [adjective]

Definition of Ravenous:

very hungry; desirous

Synonyms of Ravenous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ravenous:

Sentence/Example of Ravenous:

In a moment the prey was torn to bits by the ravenous monsters.

Joseph is as greedy and as ravenous as Lucien, but not so frank or indiscreet.

And he cried so loud, he had wakened up so ravenous, that she decided to nurse him again.

Another quarter of an hour passed, and we were all ravenous.

The colonel had to eat, in vying admiration of Jeff, ravenous from his day's walk.

Some ravenous water-fowl, might swoop, and pick his eyes out with iron beak.

About midnight he awakened and was aware at once of a ravenous hunger.

He had ten years of youth to make up, and a ravenous appetite.

It made me shudder to hear the ravenous manner in which they were consumed.

This poor flesh of mine may be burnt in flames, devoured by ravenous beasts.