Ravioli [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ravioli:

Have some rich stock boiling in a stewpan; poach the ravioli five minutes.

Mix well together and add to the paste as for other ravioli.

Ravioli and a sweet, and dont annoy us with any olives, said OLeary to the waiter.

The ravioli are then to be served hot seasoned with cheese and butter or with brown stock or tomato sauce.

Roll very fine and cover half the crust with ravioli dressing half-inch thick.

Arrange the ravioli on a platter, pour the hot sauce over them and finish with a sprinkling of grated cheese.

Boil these ravioli in salted water, being careful not to break them open.

Enclose in little squares of the home made paste described above, and cook and serve as in the preceding recipe for Ravioli.

The very melodies of Verdi and Rossini are inextricably twined in our minds around memories of ravioli and zabaglione.

They had ravioli a la Tuscany, and after that some very rare fruit cake that had come only the week before from sunny Italy.