Ravishment [noun]

Definition of Ravishment:

great happiness, pleasure

Opposite/Antonyms of Ravishment:

Sentence/Example of Ravishment:

I could not hear him speak so; it killed me to all but a ravishment of fear.

The ravishment of her beauty and her charm held him speechless.

But how am I to describe to you the peace and ravishment of that face?

I have wrestled with the glaukous-haired Poseidon, and feared his ravishment.

His ravishment had suffered a sharp natural decline reflected in a mental gloom.

Oberon accuses Titania with being in love with Theseus and assisting him in the ravishment of antique beauties.

He drove into a town royally decorated, and still humming with the ravishment of the Tory entrance.

She knew how eloquent Barode Barouche could be; she knew how his voice had all the ravishment of silver bells to the unsuspecting.

In his ravishment he failed to note the satirical remarks and jealous glances of Genevive.

But the disgrace of this ravishment of our wife during our hours of carelessness, hath stained us, to be sure.