Rawboned [adjective]

Definition of Rawboned:


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Sentence/Example of Rawboned:

He put me on a rawboned bay who, he said, was a "great goer."

Captain Davis, rawboned and brown-faced, waved a welcome to them from the side door.

“You did,” said the big, rawboned man at whom he was staring.

Was she, for instance, the underdressed one with the mole, or the rawboned giggler?

Tess was cantering along on rawboned Nellie in beautiful unconcern.

The visitor was tall, rawboned, and of that physical cast known as lanky.

From the outskirts of the crowd a rawboned giant forced his way inward.

The place, the ranch house of a rawboned Yankee named Hawkins.

Rushing along the path leading to the farmhouse, a gaunt, rawboned farmer was sprinting as for a prize.

One rawboned girl with a crooked nose and frizzled blond hair had been married just two months.