Rawness [noun]

Definition of Rawness:


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Sentence/Example of Rawness:

Stew these herbs in a little butter, to take off their rawness.

The night was bitter cold, but cold with that rawness which speaks of a coming thaw.

He remembered the vastness and the rawness of the uncontrolled atmosphere.

He was soaked to the skin, and the rawness of the air caused him to shiver.

The greyness and rawness of their environment are not touched upon.

A short boil is sufficient to take off all taste of rawness.

When I arrived from Liverpool I was very raw, but didn't know my rawness.

Crude′ness; Crud′ity, rawness: unripeness: that which is crude.

Except for some painful blisters and rawness, his condition was not serious.

The apple-tree takes the rawness and wildness off any scene.