Rays [noun]

Definition of Rays:

beam; indication

Synonyms of Rays:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rays:

Sentence/Example of Rays:

He said "It is Light" and he used the rays of the early sun to gather food for his family.

The air is also full of demons, as the rays of the sun are full of atoms.

The rays of the setting sun brought out the drabness of her.

Bitter indeed must be the wintry blast, torrid the rays of summer here.

The genii of the East have woven this banner from the rays of benignant stars.

Are not the most powerful of the rays of light invisible to our vision?

She noticed that the sun's rays were streaming in the girl's face.

That it was a ladder of rays there could, however, be no doubt: if only I could climb upon it!

The earth swallowed all their rays, and was no brighter for it.

I let them have it before they had a chance to turn on their rays.