Razor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Razor:

Not a comb nor a razor left; not a garment to make myself decent in!

He wore no beard, and his leathery cheeks were blue from the razor.

Then he shot me a glance as sharp as a razor, and we looked into one another's eyes.

If you ask me, I think that the razor has been the downfall of society.

Especially with a man like James, who is as sharp as a razor, and just as edgy.

But when I gave him a razor with which to shave himself, I found it did no good.

It must have been set as finely as a razor, and, like a razor, it was broad-backed and finely bevelled.

This weapon was edged like a razor, but was unusually solid and weighty at the back.

Paul, just be getting me my razor and the brush and soap-box, there's a good lad.'

Sharp as a razor, it was the finest weapon of the class I had ever touched.