Reaches [noun]

Definition of Reaches:

extent, range; stretch

Synonyms of Reaches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reaches:

Sentence/Example of Reaches:

By the time it reaches me, he will be in his grave; a satire on his own anger, God help him!'

If Mary is not gone by this reaches you, give her my best compliments.

The mate will take them ashore with him, and will send them from the first office that he reaches.

Not until he reaches the porch does he allow himself to be petted.

As far as this reaches not they are naked, and lie whole days before the fire.

But personal ridicule is a shaft that reaches the very vitals.

By the time she reaches us she is wide awake and most engaging.

And so the one, when in becoming older it reaches the present, ceases to become, and is then older.

Then the one is younger than itself, when in becoming older it reaches the present?

Even the morning "accommodation" reaches Bayport some time or other.