Reactions [noun]

Definition of Reactions:


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Sentence/Example of Reactions:

Least of all do these actions and reactions affect the fortunes of true romance.

There are many transitions and varieties, but the reactions we have mentioned are the most common.

Now there are no reactions in literature unless there is some excess to provoke them.

Let also the reactions or rests be equally definite and decided.

But all seeming things are only reactions to something else.

From that time on any sudden impression released the same group of reactions.

The reactions of the tissue are in all respects those of the lignocelluloses.

God wants to show us our reactions, and only when we are willing to be cleansed there, will we have His peace.

It is not enough just to take our reactions of irritation to Calvary.

It is too delicate a thing to stand any power that upsets the reactions so violently.