Reactive [adjective]

Definition of Reactive:

quick to react

Opposite/Antonyms of Reactive:

Sentence/Example of Reactive:

They rise and fall together; they are reactive, one upon the other.

Succedaneum for Chrysarobin; very active reducer or "reactive."

The bandolero was languishing in the third reactive stage of malignant cholera.

But they had been replaced by an uncontrollable, reactive nausea.

But there are many possible tracer rays not reactive to a screen such as I was using.

The receptive side of his nature is neither sensitive nor intuitive, nor is his reactive side productive or creative.

The audience was extraordinarily attentive and reactive—I never had an audience so keen to catch every point.

Aiming it toward the stars, opposite earth, its reactive blasts shoved me Earthward, thanks to Newton.

There was no reactive motion indicative of life in the whale, nor any progress towards its withdrawal, if dead.

No repeater is successful unless it is free from this reactive interference.