Reactor [noun]

Definition of Reactor:

electrical device

Synonyms of Reactor:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reactor:


Sentence/Example of Reactor:

This will give you a constant temperature inside the reactor.

Father, do you remember when the Haval Valley reactor blew up?

Obviously, the reactor was the only part not vaporized in the fall—because of its construction.

Relief swept over him as he looked back at the reactor itself.

I was finishing up with Reactor One when I heard the explosion.

There was something wrong with Number Two Reactor, all right.

There were five other men in the reactor station, and—so far—he had seen no one.

The head had vanished back into the control room of Reactor Two.

Well, whatever it is, it isn't hydrogen in the reactor room.

He went into the antechamber of the reactor and glared at the door in the firewall.