Readjust [verb]

Definition of Readjust:


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Sentence/Example of Readjust:

She dashed her hand across her eyes and hastily sought to readjust her sleeves.

He must have time to readjust his mind to the horrible circumstances so suddenly revealed.

Miss Winthrop paused to readjust a pin and the angle of her hat.

My capital might then readjust itself, if left alone that length of time.

Miss Metoaca paused to take breath and readjust her Fanchon bonnet.

Dock was disappointed, and began to climb the rocks to readjust the plank.

He lifted his shaking hand, and put it to his lips, as though to readjust himself.

Poor Mallare, who must readjust his vocabulary to coherences.

At the mouth of a communication Hawke paused to readjust his burden.

It took him a long time to readjust himself to this cataclysm.