Realism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Realism:

Of plot there is little, but as a terrible study in realism the book is a masterpiece.

The end of realism, my dear Wyndham, is the thing of all others I most desire to see.

At some of the meetings there was perhaps an excess of realism.

To my thinking, at any rate, they make a gravid mistake who look for "realism" in these things.

Realism of the most ghastly truthfulness, as to a corpse in the grave, it certainly is.

It was the realism and originality of the forest scene which did the trick.

The word ‘Truthfulness’ may seem to suggest the realism of some modern writers.

Realism Lever does not aim at: he declines to be on his oath about anything.

He could have put them on paper with every appearance of realism.

Realism could have had no more accurate exposition of its principles.