Realist [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Realist:

Captain Feldman was a realist but he was also a deeply moral man.

"They don't have much choice," Captain Feldman said, always the realist.

In the first place, it does not mean that Greek art is what we call ‘naturalist’ or ‘realist’.

"I believe you are a realist, Henry," said his wife playfully.

It was dear to the Realist, and it is dear to the Symbolist.

He was a realist who pictured, marvelously, the life about him as he saw it.

In his plots, O. Henry is romantic; in his settings he is a realist.

She said this to her leg, but, being a realist, she only made it feel like a pin-cushion.

In truth, he was a Realist, in religion as in everything else.

What man of sense—what pupil of Welby, the realist—can fall in love with a face?