Realistic [adjective]

Definition of Realistic:

sensible, matter-of-fact

Synonyms of Realistic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Realistic:

Sentence/Example of Realistic:

Madame Deberle admired the realistic manner in which she died in a piece she played.

In style and character-drawing it is realistic in the best sense.

If it was play, it was too realistic for the nerves even of a mountain girl.

Uncle's narratives had been so realistic that I began to dread Pierre's departure.

This particular editor believed that a short story should be realistic.

There is no doubt that we are still far from this last phase of the realistic period.

They are realistic enough, but only in rare passages are they beautiful.

The Novellieri were thus the realists of their day and of them all Bandello was the most realistic.

It gave the first realistic smack of the filthy business of war.

They are too realistic,—and, after all, the ideal is the real.