Realities [noun]

Definition of Realities:

facts of existence

Opposite/Antonyms of Realities:

Sentence/Example of Realities:

It is not easy for an Anglo-Saxon to confess the realities of affection in vital intimacies.

He left the theatre in an exalted mood in which he had little thought for the realities.

Fictions or realities, could they survive the touchstone of this atom of common sense?

But if our intuitions are not realities, then nothing is a reality.

"I want politics to be realities, if that's what you mean," he said, coldly.

The most solemn of all realities have been degraded into the passwords of technical theology.

They were pure conceptions, detached from the realities, of which he then knew nothing.

But why should we dispute about names when we have realities of such importance to consider?

Under 'Not-being' the Eleatic had included all the realities of the sensible world.

The sensible things are not realities, but shadows only, in relation to the truth.'