Realizable [adjective]

Definition of Realizable:

readily available

Synonyms of Realizable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Realizable:

Sentence/Example of Realizable:

Objectively the state is not realizable in the ward of a city.

This hope is realizable; and because it is realizable, China deserves a foremost place in the esteem of every lover of mankind.

The establishment of world credit systems is built on splendid and realizable faith in fellow-men.

This is a dream to him who lacks faith; but it is the realizable goal, the aim of life, to him who has faith.

They convinced me that some of the great things I had expected of my pilgrimage were realizable possibilities.

But the conditions are not realized, and in an experiential subject-matter are not realizable.

It is possible, realizable, owing to all that our ancestors have done to increase our powers of production.

The next move in economics is going to be the statement of a shrewd, dogged, realizable ideal.

It was a project that had often been in her thoughts; at first, just as a dream, latterly, as a realizable hope.

Crowd-behavior is pseudo-social—if social organizations be regarded as a means to the achievement of realizable goods.