Realization [noun]

Definition of Realization:


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Sentence/Example of Realization:

There is no short road to the realization of these aspirations.

Her realization of what this meant was shown in her final speech.

Burke winced, but he made shift to conceal his realization of the truth she had stated to him.

Realization came, as he beheld the woman laughing at him through the window.

Back of its position of honor he saw the girl's realization of her own situation.

The sight of them brought a realization of new responsibilities.

He could have wept over the realization of his unqualified impotency.

It was too plain that he had no realization of what had occurred.

The realization was like a douche of cold water, in spite of all he had seen and knew.

Realization to the mind necessitates not deception of the eye.