Realizes [verb]

Definition of Realizes:

appreciate, become aware of

Synonyms of Realizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Realizes:

Sentence/Example of Realizes:

It is a very dangerous thing to do, and I believe that he realizes it.

I guess she realizes that we in this house are some punkins now.

No one realizes better than he how little he has been able to accomplish.

He realizes that what is worth sowing and planting is worth taking care of.

There's always more life in an old one though than one realizes.

A man will sometimes be alarmed when he realizes what he wants—a woman often.

He hears the guests coming upstairs, and realizes that he is too late.

For he realizes the highest ideal that is present to his mind.

And yet she realizes now that he has never recovered since that time.

Asia now realizes these facts and is doing much to remedy the situation.