Realizing [adjective]

Definition of Realizing:


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Sentence/Example of Realizing:

I am only putting myself in his place and realizing—When do you leave?

A boat is also the only means of realizing the beauty of the coast.

But the consequences of crime are just such as you are realizing.

For a moment I hesitated, realizing full well what an inquiry might reveal.

Realizing there was no capital or prophet in his own country, he took passage to Spain.

But he stopped, realizing the uselessness of such an explanation.

I realized that when you gave it and I have been realizing it ever since.

Albert, realizing a little of the fight the man was making, was affected by it.

He was realizing most distinctly that this sort of thing would not do.

A moment he resisted; then, realizing what he did, he set her free.