Realness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Realness:

It's a little contest in relative approximations to realness.

Its oppositions are no part of its realness; and therefore they can be overcome.

They impress the world with a sense of their courage and realness.

That is, I knew in my mind, but I never imagined the realness of what would happen.

It ticks away companionably, as if to reassure me of its realness.

And I make not even the intellect side of this book, which is a Realness to me, without sweet fine sweatings of blood.

The realness of that sacrifice of His stands out very vividly in the intensity of His feelings, of which we get only glimpses.

The odor from burning joss sticks will contribute to the realness of the affair.

These papers have a realness about them, which have their weight against any suspicions, however strong.

Science is the attempt to awaken to realness, wherein it is attempt to find regularity and uniformity.