Reanimates [verb]

Definition of Reanimates:


Opposite/Antonyms of Reanimates:

Sentence/Example of Reanimates:

Some of the clergy seized on this circumstance to reanimate the Crusaders.

Their leaders in vain endeavoured to reanimate their courage.

Then one day to his great joy, she began to reanimate herself a little.

The help that was approaching might well tend to reanimate them.

In this—the king has left me almost master, to kill or reanimate the League.

It will revive business, and reanimate the heart and hope of the masses.

Mr. Field had been indefatigable in his efforts to reanimate the Company.

He must depress Christianity, and he must reanimate and reform Paganism.

Mr. Stephens will go into Georgia, and reanimate his people.

The announcement of the visit of his colleague seemed to reanimate the lawyer.