Reap [verb]

Definition of Reap:

collect, harvest

Synonyms of Reap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reap:

Sentence/Example of Reap:

You will need practice to reap the full benefit of my instructions.

Since she had endured so much, why not endure a little longer and reap a dear reward?

Of these discoveries we are only now beginning to reap the benefit.

"But you must remember that after all you are going to reap the benefit of it now," Wrayson remarked.

She sought to reap advantage from her weakness of body and mind.

They reap the rewards of the docility and zeal of the masses which they direct.

Franklin came now to reap the fruits of a long and well spent life.

I had laid my plans carefully, and I had expected to reap a nice harvest.

And should you merely sever the ears at top, or reap close to the ground?

"Ah, there will not be many more such harvests to reap," said he, sighing.