Reaper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Reaper:

Now he was a ploughman (spring), now a fisherman (summer), now a reaper (autumn).

The harvest-time reminded the Bretons of the garnering by that reaper, Death.

This is cut with the reaper and binder just after the wheat plant has flowered.

A reaper is to have in time of corn-harvest 2d., the first week in August, and 3d.

He was fading fast, waning with the waning summer, and conscious that the Reaper was at hand.

On the spot which the thorns usurped, the reaper gathers only straw and chaff.

The wheat was ready for the reaper, and the full heads were swelled to bursting.

It is said that "the struggle for bread ceased when the reaper was put on the market."

All his family watched as the reaper headed toward the grain.

The field was hilly and rough, and the reaper careened about in it like a ship in a gale.