Reappeared [verb]

Definition of Reappeared:

come again

Synonyms of Reappeared:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reappeared:


Sentence/Example of Reappeared:

Since Felicien had reappeared, Angelique had looked at him constantly.

Presently she reappeared, and with her, smoothly talking her down, came the young man.

Happily he had no such purpose; for he reappeared, in a moment, at the house door.

And then Vignon, in his turn, reappeared amidst a stream of friends.

Now she reappeared with very rosy cheeks, saying, "Here's the letter."

There was a slight click again; and he turned, just as Dan reappeared in the doorway.

In a very short time she reappeared with some sheets of paper in her hand.

He reappeared in his original form, took up his crossbow and shot at the bird.

But before she had time to cross the room, Vicky reappeared.

Never did she appear more beautiful than when, in 1788, she reappeared after her seclusion.