Reappointed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Reappointed:

Platt issued an ultimatum that Payn must be reappointed or he would fight.

I've accepted your resignation, conscripted you again, and reappointed you——!

Cruzat was reappointed in September and served until November, 1787.

Elizabeth was reappointed maid of honour to her, still in her maiden name.

In 1877-78, the committee, not having as yet acted, was reappointed.

I wish for some reasons that you were reappointed to the 'Royal Oak.'

Reappointed after the failure of Law's bank, and retired, 1722.

In 1899 he was reappointed conductor of the Philharmonic Society.

He was reappointed in 1862; and in 1869 was returned to the Corps Lgislatif.

In fact it was the very next day that he reappointed him to the Council.