Rearing [verb]

Definition of Rearing:

raise young

Synonyms of Rearing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rearing:

Sentence/Example of Rearing:

Was there any difference in our rearing, in our daily life until--until you left us?

In the rearing of poultry, care should be taken to choose a fine large breed, or the ends of good management may be defeated.

There was the circular landing-grid, rearing skyward for nearly a mile.

He judged the young man to be a product of rearing and environment.

I have been your tutor, and your rearing has been my charge.

You heard him plead, in extenuation of his fault, his mode of life, his rearing.

Kweek's first experience in rearing a family ended disastrously.

The rearing of poultry is one of the things which I do in order to benefit my country.

Oh, how much care and intelligence are necessary in the rearing of children!

He did not believe in barracks and towns for the rearing of anything so fresh and tender.