Rearmost [adjective]

Definition of Rearmost:


Opposite/Antonyms of Rearmost:


Sentence/Example of Rearmost:

After all, you were the rearmost man, and the one none other would observe.

The point of the buttock (O) is the rearmost point of the pelvis.

It was nearly two hours before the rearmost English ships were engaged.

At the portals of the rearmost Pullman but one a porter interposed himself.

The rearmost Russians pushed those in front of them towards the hole.

He addressed his question to the clerk behind the rearmost counter.

Several of their bullets enter the engine of our rearmost rearguard.

Bower had fully ten feet of the rearmost section of rope in hand.

The order was repeated from rank to rank back to the rearmost of the rear guard.

He stood up now and sent a quick reminder after the rearmost pirate.