Rearrangement [noun]

Definition of Rearrangement:


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Sentence/Example of Rearrangement:

Do we count them worth the rearrangement of our day, that we may have more time to pray?

And there was the movement of feet, and rearrangement of furniture.

Like many other failures, it led to reflection and a rearrangement of the machinery.

This was shown in some rearrangement of the school seats and benches.

Their annexation by Austria meant to Serbia that there could now be no rearrangement.

In the rearrangement of seats Mrs. Farquhar exchanged with Irene.

They involved some rearrangement of existing facilities, and the construction of others.

Last night the rearrangement of the Ministry was not completed.

A rearrangement of the employment of male and female labour.

Some additions have been made and some rearrangement attempted.