Rearward [adverb]

Definition of Rearward:


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Sentence/Example of Rearward:

Presently she grew tired of this, too, and moved to the rearward window.

Frontward was the small lake's grey water, rearward an avenue of limes.

Then twelve of them were as it were our Vanguard, other twelve, our Rearward.

To recover they were fain, But now did Alvar Fañez on their rearward fall amain.

I had to watch the road, of course, so could not turn to witness what was going on rearward.

The French position about Sedan was covered to rearward by the fortress.

The 12th Division was encamped at Fontenay and rearward as far as Chtenay.

So Hartzell and I resumed our rearward plodding or staggering.

They fled to another mountain, rearward of their first position.

Rearward they could scarcely mark the roadbed, so drifted over was it.