Reasoning [noun]

Definition of Reasoning:

logic, interpretation

Opposite/Antonyms of Reasoning:

Sentence/Example of Reasoning:

She was not a woman in the habit of reasoning, and had no conception of the difficulties in his way.

There was no reasoning which could help him in the midst of that puzzle.

Crane agreed with this reasoning, and it was decided to give the two horses a home trial.

The few moments' reasoning brought him to the point where he did not feel hurt.

This reasoning was of less avail than argument addressed to the general's fears.

Whether this reasoning of theirs be just or not, is no matter.

I know not whether the reader will readily apprehend this reasoning.

"But look you here, Arthur," debated Mr. Galloway, in a tone of reasoning.

Reasoning with him was impossible, but he was charming and brave.

There are only two sources of knowledge, observation and reasoning.