Reasons [noun]

Definition of Reasons:

mental analysis

Opposite/Antonyms of Reasons:

Sentence/Example of Reasons:

I know, better than you possibly can, what reasons I have to trust the strength of his affection.

"There might be reasons for that," said Robert, significantly.

Others not less popular had to do with the reasons for the slump.

The reasons for our apprehensions of this sort are not over.

I am easily persuaded and led on while no reasons are thrown before me.

Let me, for these reasons, be still more particular in some of my exceptions to him.

These are my reasons in brief, for the alteration of my style.

My reasons for not wanting to go to the railroad to work were good.

Reasons why this system cannot now be carried out in its entirety.

There were reasons why none of them cared to come before the police court just now.