Reassert [verb]

Definition of Reassert:

make known clearly or officially

Synonyms of Reassert:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reassert:

Sentence/Example of Reassert:

Now, as she spoke, her will seemed to reassert itself, and she struggled to break from me.

And here again we must reassert the significance of Lyly's appeal to women.

But by degrees the evil spirits in some of the party began to reassert their power.

And the moment after he would splurge and bluster to reassert his dignity.

The time had arrived for Asia to reassert some of her old warlike might.

But "moral" is a word which is nowadays despised and suspected, and I am not the man to reassert it.

But her blood had cooled, and her reason began to reassert itself.

The warriors are dumb, or else borrow and reassert the opinions of the holy men.

They, it is possible, might in time recover and reassert their supremacy.

But some day it will reassert itself, for it is stronger than we, alike our overlord and avatar.