Reassured [verb]

Definition of Reassured:

restore confidence to

Synonyms of Reassured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Reassured:

Sentence/Example of Reassured:

He had been one of the few as sanguine as Percival—and Blythe's manner now reassured him.

Reassured, he drew out an electric torch and set it glowing.

Paches reassured them, and sent them in safe custody to Tenedos.

The bluntness of Lizzie's speech disconcerted him, and yet the simplicity of it reassured him.

Mamma was reassured on seeing this, and we then went down and inspected the grounds.

There was something in these morsels of philanthropy which reassured the sisters.

Indeed, the dim reflection in the glass might well have reassured her.

There was a finality about the dictum that reassured his allies.

But there was a pleasant smile on the farmer's face, which reassured him.

Heneage's first statement had reassured him: his later one was simply terrifying.