Rebellious [adjective]

Definition of Rebellious:

disobedient, unmanageable

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebellious:

Sentence/Example of Rebellious:

Tillie, afraid of her rebellious spirit, went to prayer meeting.

She could not bear that hurt, rebellious, lonely look which they had worn.

At last it lost its power, and could not help her in checking her rebellious thoughts.

The governor, a coward or a traitor, rendered thee to the rebellious crowd.

To bring it from its haughty, rebellious pedestal, down to cordiality and love.

She was there, the dear saint, and had never left her rebellious child.

Charlemagne crushed the rebellious Saxon spirit and conquered Bavaria.

But mirth was rebellious, and Sandoz himself ended by becoming gloomy.

However, your remark is quite correct; you other fellows, you are rebellious sons.

He led the way and I followed, rebellious, and angry, not so much with him as with myself.