Rebels [noun]

Definition of Rebels:

person who does not obey

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebels:

Sentence/Example of Rebels:

What was the use of bothering about the rebels as long as they did not wish to fire upon one?

The rebels were compelled to make a stand to protect their baggage.

Yes, of course; mercy--and comfort--and every sort of unarmed aid--to rebels.

We may have enough of justice in our character as rebels to give us a surfeit of it.

Some little talk as to the rebels' numbers and dispositions might have saved you.'

But prythee tell me what expectation of success is there among the rebels themselves?

I'll be glad when we git inter a bettle with the rebels, Lem, won't you?

The rebels attacked a hen-roost in search of eggs, but were repulsed.

Discontent and insubordination now prevailed amongst the rebels.

The rebels never did anything to justify such a supposition.