Reborn [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Reborn:

She laughed; a laugh that died and was reborn and died again in a throaty gurgle.

It is reborn among us, and it may even be recognised very often in its new abode.

Epimenides himself was reborn in Scotus, or rather, Epimenides was Scotus's prototype.

It was as he had borne testimony—a life had been reborn before his eyes.

He had been reborn, of necessity, for he was nearly down to his last penny.

True to herself, the Church symbolizes the union of her members, the reborn.

Perhaps, he had really died, had drowned and was reborn in a new body?

He may have been paltry and base once; but he was reborn into a new nobility.

But I began to see my way more clearly and hope was reborn in my bosom.

Curiously enough, my greatest fear is lest I should be reborn in Europe!