Rebounded [verb]

Definition of Rebounded:

bounce back; ricochet

Synonyms of Rebounded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebounded:

Sentence/Example of Rebounded:

Their shot came pattering like hail, and like hail it rebounded from the iron-clad.

The pliers struck the blackness and rebounded as if they had hit a rubber wall.

Its rim caught against a rust-red cliff, it rebounded and crumpled.

Again and again the car struck, and rebounded thirty or forty feet into the air.

Crack he went against the wall, rebounded off, and went at it again, and then again.

Here Stella banged her box against the wall, and rebounded again.

Then he fell to the floor, rolled over like a cat, and rebounded to his feet, snarling.

He rebounded, clutching at the bushes; but he could not check himself.

They rebounded from each other, and Diva whizzed out between them.

She has rebounded now—but she has had little enough else to do with it.