Rebounds [verb]

Definition of Rebounds:

bounce back; ricochet

Synonyms of Rebounds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebounds:

Sentence/Example of Rebounds:

It had been rebound in yellow calf, and was in a good condition.

He swept me off my feet, and made me think my heart was caught in the rebound.

He is ready only on reflection: dangerous only at the rebound.

It seemed as though all in an instant his heart went back to her in the rebound.

Granice faltered, feeling the rebound of the other's wonder.

Such blemishes can usually be removed when the volume is rebound.

If he had been wicked he would have "caught" it, and I should have caught it by the rebound—I should have found the trace.

"I never knew a man who was caught on the rebound to squeal," he said.

The rebound tore it from its amazed owner's hand, and it thudded to the ground.

It will then rebound, and rise almost to the same height from which it was dropped.