Rebuffed [verb]

Definition of Rebuffed:

turn away; give the cold shoulder

Synonyms of Rebuffed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebuffed:

Sentence/Example of Rebuffed:

I wish you were more friendly, but I care for you too much to be rebuffed by a trifle.

Margaret had given instructions that no one who mentioned her name should ever be rebuffed.

He wanted to ask him a question but hesitated fearing that he would be rebuffed.

To be rebuffed the very first time he spoke to a woman in the Casino!

It was not her place to make advances, all too likely to be rebuffed.

If she spoke to her chum, she was almost sure to be rebuffed.

Mascarin had often been rebuffed, but never so cruelly as this.

Rebuffed by the janitors, Pinchas haughtily asked for Goldwater.

Would she have rebuffed him so ungraciously with her lips as with the pen?

Probably he had tried to satisfy his curiosity about them and had been rebuffed.