Rebuked [verb]

Definition of Rebuked:

reprimand; criticize harshly

Synonyms of Rebuked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebuked:

Sentence/Example of Rebuked:

Kitty should not have smiled, but she did; she should have rebuked his levity, but she didn't.

John felt that he had been rebuked for an excess of enthusiasm.

"You are speaking, sir, about a person who matters enormously," I rebuked him.

And he stood there silent, rebuked, waiting for the voice to speak again.

At this his friends commence to weep and are rebuked by Socrates for their weakness.

John rebuked them and turned them out of the room, but he was almost in as great a frenzy.

His tone was chilling almost; and she felt as she had been rebuked.

And but that his tone was calm they might have held that he rebuked them.

But Izanagi rebuked her for speaking first, and said they must try it again.

"You've interrupted my wish and I don't know where I left off," Jerry rebuked.