Rebus [noun]

Definition of Rebus:

puzzle, secret

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebus:

Sentence/Example of Rebus:

A cask; the rebus of the final syllable TON in many surnames.

In the cases of these two gods we got the chiffre, and the rebus is still to seek.

Beckington's rebus (a beacon and a tun) occurs in the bosses.

The rebus of the master-mason, Hyndeley (a hind lying) occurs in the capitals.

One class was formed as were the canting arms in heraldry, that is, by a rebus.

I have solved the rebus of existence and have put on omniscience.

This rebus may be found in various places where the work was due to him.

The mode in which this is done corresponds precisely to that of the rebus.

I am trying to guess a rebus which has just appeared in 'The Iris.'

Mr. Brinton thinks the central figure in the tablet of the cross is a rebus for the nature god Quetzalcohuatl.