Rebuts [verb]

Definition of Rebuts:

argue against; prove wrong

Synonyms of Rebuts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rebuts:

Sentence/Example of Rebuts:

Then why should we trouble ourselves with the attempt to rebut it?

It had come into existence, not from any spiritual need, but entirely to rebut Butcherdom.

Not a hint is given that any testimony may be received to rebut the satisfactory proof given by the plaintiff.

Mrs. Roebuck did not attempt to rebut this statement, and the warrant was discharged.

One cannot believe that it is necessary to rebut that accusation.

All I wished to do was to rebut your charge that I am an abnormal being.

The expression 'on the other hand' is meant to rebut the pûrvapaksha.

To rebut this theory, there was the notable absence of undergraduates.

But we had no witnesses with whom to rebut Fortescue's claim.

Upon being called to rebut the testimony I, in truth and simplicity, confirmed his testimony in every particular!!