Recants [verb]

Definition of Recants:

take back something said

Synonyms of Recants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recants:

Sentence/Example of Recants:

Dr. Williams then bid him recant, as he had done; but Dowry had not so learned his duty.

"I shall not recant," he said, and walked to the post, to which he was chained.

I have never been guilty of any errors, and have nothing to recant.

When he was brought to book, he was honourable enough to recant.

I am sure, however, that I thought myself right: and am glad to recant.

He was still a Jew, and showed no disposition to recant his error.

The East did not ask him to recant his radicalism, but only not to talk about it.

Sigismund also again urged Hus to submit, and said, in effect: "Recant now, or die."

On July 1, Hus was brought out again to recant his heresies.

At first she was very kindly treated, in the hope of inducing her to recant.