Recedes [verb]

Definition of Recedes:

withdraw; diminish

Synonyms of Recedes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Recedes:

Sentence/Example of Recedes:

The tide advances in one direction because it recedes in another.

The Indian recedes: at the rate of seventeen miles a year, the flood rolls on!

Stock advances and recedes by "points," and is always so quoted.

As the one strives to advance, the other recedes toward the dale.

It's a goal that recedes as you approach, which is as it should be.

It recedes, like some unknown creature deeper into its lair.

The thread snaps: England recedes a hundred miles in an instant.

Then, in the next six weeks, it recedes as far, and there is a like diminution.

Like the ignis fatuus, it recedes as we seem to approach it.

On the right wing of the peristyle, on the last range, recedes the triclinium.