Receding [verb]

Definition of Receding:

withdraw; diminish

Synonyms of Receding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Receding:

Sentence/Example of Receding:

Besides, did I not reserve a power of receding, as I saw fit?

There can be no doubt that the faith in war, and in the Divine guidance of war, is receding.

Receding footsteps 81 told him that the constable was leaving.

He could barely make out the sodden steps and––they were receding.

Sometimes the forehead is receding, as in apes (19%), or low and narrow (10%).

They were large, much larger than they should have been at the speed with which Jack was receding.

Sir Donald feels that past worries are receding into waning retrospect.

I asked the Colonel, directing his attention to the receding figure.

I could only look idly at the receding boat with reeling brain.

We jammed the pit; but as we stood there, the walls were receding and lifting.