Receivable [adjective]

Definition of Receivable:


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Sentence/Example of Receivable:

The general court declaring it receivable for taxes "at fousen a penny."

Advance paper to railways, etc., receivable in payment of taxes.

The bank capital was gone, and no one had money that was receivable for taxes.

The money was receivable in taxes, nominally redeemable in coin, and made a legal tender.

While not a legal tender, the notes were receivable at all imperial agencies.

That at present those certificates should neither be receivable in taxes nor transferable.

These certificates were receivable for taxes and other public debts and for salt from the State salt mines.

This labor was to be paid for in Labor Script, receivable in payment for anything the man might want to buy.

They are receivable everywhere in payment of Government dues.

A whole dollar bill, good and receivable by the Government for customs, taxes and all public dues.