Receptacle [noun]

Definition of Receptacle:

container for disposal, storage

Synonyms of Receptacle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Receptacle:


Sentence/Example of Receptacle:

The Constitution is neither a legislative crazy-quilt nor a receptacle of fads.

But now a third kind is required, which I shall call the receptacle or nurse of generation.

We reply, that it is the receptacle, and in a manner the nurse, of all generation.

Arriving at the grave, the casket was let down into the receptacle prepared for it.

We had also a receptacle for beehives, and an ancient sepulchre.

But in Greek theca (, θήκη) is a place to put something, a receptacle.

It assumes that he is a receptacle into which the desired message may be poured.

The dust is then driven by a fan into a receptacle provided for that purpose.

This particular hole was selected as the receptacle for the gold.

It seems also to have been a receptacle for lamps, several of which were found there.