Receptionist [noun]

Definition of Receptionist:

office worker

Synonyms of Receptionist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Receptionist:


Sentence/Example of Receptionist:

The receptionist did the things that receptionists do, then looked up at him again.

Martha Ryan, the receptionist, glanced knowingly at the closed door.

Executive level, Kennon thought as he followed the receptionist's directions.

Seeing Brad and Dan, the receptionist regarded them with cold disapproval.

Brad spoke to the receptionist, who had been watching the Cubs with intent interest.

"Don't tell me," the receptionist twitched proudly as we came in.

At Curt's office the receptionist smiled and told him to go right in.

When you come by, tell the receptionist that you're Mr Brown, to see me.

A faint hubbub was now percolating through from the receptionist's lobby.

That little girl back on Earth, the receptionist at the Interplanetary Lines building, she'd had it.