Receptiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Receptiveness:

In the days of their youth it was natural, but the receptiveness of youth has departed, and they cannot see.

Their earnestness and receptiveness were my great help and reward in my venture.

But the silence seemed now to hold a new element—the element of receptiveness.

The height of the plane of absorption depends on the state of receptiveness of the hypnotist more than the subject.

The condition is one of excitation and receptiveness, where art may speak and we shall understand.

In some subtle way this little concentrated world, within a world, seems to draw one's receptiveness away from it all.

He thought this her unusual wisdom and discernment, never dreaming it had been mostly his training and her receptiveness.

In spite of all his receptiveness and sensitiveness, Erasmus is never fully in contact with life.

This receptiveness to new ideas is one of the most remarkable features in St. Paul's mind.

Was there no place where one could enjoy the art of fellow-artists without having one's spirit jarred out of all receptiveness?